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Heliamphora minor

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Heliamphora minor is a carnivorous plant from Venezuelan Tepui. It thrives in tropical highland conditions (high temperature range between day and night), but adapts well to most crops. Beginners can easily cultivate it with protection from excessive heat and frost.

Venezuelan Tepui


  • Climate: tropical (highland)
  • Life-cycle: perennial (no dormancy)
  • Shape: erect
  • Trap: bright green
  • Operculum: red
  • Peristome: bright green

Additional info:
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Scope of delivery

  • Vigorous plants, repotted in the current season, in high-quality soil
  • Brick-coloured pot made of recycled plastic (6.5 cm diameter)
  • Care guides
  • Free access to our plant doctor care service

Care instructions

How we grow Heliamphora?
In-vitro plants are acclimated in a Grow Chamber with controlled temperatures and humidity. This indoor setup ensure an easy adaptation to extra-vitro condition, guaranteeing the best conditions for plants in this delicate stage. All plants available at the Diflora shop have been acclimatised for at least 3 months. We grow Heliamphora indoors all year round at a temperature of 20°C and a photoperiod of 16h. Plants are placed under 2 LED lights of 6400K and 24 W at a distance of 20 cm. It is watered from above every day without a saucer to avoid water stagnation. As with the majority of carnivorous plants, we use distilled water produced by our reverse osmosis system.

Full sun all year round! Is recommended to shade slightly or refresh it in the warmer summer months to avoid excessive temperatures that may stunt the plant’s growth.

it is recommended to water daily from above, without a saucer, to avoid water stagnation.
It is important to use only distilled water or alternatively all waters that have an extremely low mineral salt content. For example rainwater or all condensation water (air conditioner, dehumidifier). It’s important that the conductivity measures below 50 micro-Siemens.

While 50% peat and 50% perlite is fine as a general substrate, we recommend the Heliamphora substrate we have developed and tested for optimal growth of this genus.

Seasonally and temperature:
Heliamphora come from high plateaus called Tepuis in Venezuela. The climate is cool and foggy all year round, so they like high humidity and bright light, without ever warming up. Cooler nights are ideal. These genus plants don’t go into dormancy.
They can be grown on cool, sunny windowsills, but the best plants are grown in climate-controlled greenhouses or terrariums, where the daytime temperature remains at 20°C and the night temperature at 5-10°C degrees and with a high-power fluorescent light.

Additional info:
For more cultivation information visit our care guides or use our plant care support by writing to ilpigliamosche@diflora.it


Diflora started the in-vitro propagation of this Heliamphora from plant parts. Micropropagation allows the preservation of the mother plant genome avoiding contamination and genetic variation caused by traditional pollination followed by seeds production.

Trapping technique

To attract prey Heliamphora releases sweet substances on the edge of the pitcher. This essence attracts insects and they fall on the inside of the trap. Inside of it plant produce digestive enzyme. Escape from the pitcher is almost impossible. The inside has smooth walls and hairs facing down that stop preys.


Best Season

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Lighting Conditions


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