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Granular inoculation of mycorrhizal fungi with trichoderma

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Granular inoculation of mycorrhizal fungi with trichoderma is a soil activator based on humified organic matter, bacterial and fungal inocula. This product not only provides organic matter and nutrients, but also promotes and directs the proliferation in the soil of microorganisms useful for plant development. In addition, its particular microbial composition, rich in Trichoderma harzianum and viride and rhizosphere bacteria, limits the development of pathogens responsible for certain diseases of the root system such as Fusarium, Pythium, Armillaria, Sclerotinia, Phytophtora, Rhizoctonia, etc., with different mechanisms of action. It enables multiple results to be achieved, including: improving the health status of the crop, increasing the yield per hectare of cash crops, improving the visual appearance of ornamental plants and providing the appropriate support for the development of micro-organisms.

Medium chemical analysis:
Organic nitrogen (N): 3%;
Total phosphoric anhydride (P2O5): 3%;
Water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O): 2%;
Mycorrhizal content (% by weight): 0.005%;
Rhizosphere bacteria content: 1×107 c.f.g;
Trichoderma content: 1×105 u.f.c./g;
Organic carbon (C) of biological origin: 25%;
Humic and fulvic acids: 6%;

Technical features:
pH: 6 – 7

Additional info:
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