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            Darlingtonia Californica (Cobra Lily, California pitcher plant)

            Darlingtonia Californica, popularly known as the California pitcher plant or cobra lily, is a remarkable carnivorous plant with a distinctive and interesting appearance. It is a striking addition to any carnivorous plant collection because to its unusual cobra-like form.

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            • Darlingtonia californica Meadowhall Clone x Goliath

              5 out of 5
              16.00 *

              Darlingtonia californica Meadowhall Clone x Goliath is a clone between two very interesting Darlingtonia varieties. Compared to the standard Darlingtonia clone form it has a longer tongue and a brighter, redder colouration. The ascidia are young and have a longer peduncle than the standard form. Commonly referred to as the cobra plant because of the distinctively shaped ascidium reminiscent of the famous snake.

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