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Darlingtonia Californica (Cobra Lily, California pitcher plant)

Darlingtonia Californica, popularly known as the California pitcher plant or cobra lily, is a remarkable carnivorous plant with a distinctive and interesting appearance. It is a striking addition to any carnivorous plant collection because to its unusual cobra-like form.

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  • Darlingtonia californica Meadowhall Clone x Goliath

    16.00 *

    Darlingtonia californica Meadowhall Clone x Goliath is a clone between two very interesting Darlingtonia varieties. Compared to the standard Darlingtonia clone form it has a longer tongue and a brighter, redder colouration. The ascidia are young and have a longer peduncle than the standard form. Commonly referred to as the cobra plant because of the distinctively shaped ascidium reminiscent of the famous snake.

  • Heliamphora minorHeliamphora minor

    Heliamphora minor

    6.00 *

    Heliamphora minor, a carnivorous plant from Venezuelan Tepui, thrives in tropical highland conditions, but adapts well to most crops.

  • Pinguicula sp. TolatongoPinguicula sp. Tolatongo

    Pinguicula sp. Tolatongo

    7.00 *

    Pinguicula sp. Tolatongo: Mexican and tropical small, purplish plant with folded white-tipped lobes. Ideal for beginners. Prostrate shape.

  • Blonde Sphagnum Peat Moss (Estonian Peat Moss)Blonde Sphagnum Peat Moss (Estonian Peat Moss)

    Blonde Sphagnum peat moss (Estonian peat moss)

    0.404.30 *

    Blonde Sphagnum Peat is the substrate par excellence, used for growing our carnivorous plants, usually mixed 50/50 with perlite.

  • Blond Sphagnum Peat & Perlite mix (50/50)

    Blond peat of Sphagnum moss & perlite mix (50/50)

    2.867.92 *

    Blond peat of sphagnum moss and perlite, mixed to 50%. The classic appropriate mix to make many carnivorous plant grow at their best, prepared by our staff.

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  • Dionaea muscipula "Kim Il Sung"Dionaea muscipula "Kim Il Sung"

    Dionaea muscipula “Kim Il Sung”

    15.00 *

    Dionaea muscipula “Kim Il Sung”: Unique, aggressive form. Striking, distinctive appearance with irregular teeth and wavy forms. A must-have for fans!

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  • Dionaea muscipula AlienDionaea muscipula Alien

    Dionaea muscipula ‘Alien’

    10.0012.00 *

    Dionaea muscipula ‘Alien’ is a giant prostrate plant with elongated, bean-shaped, and arched traps. One of the most notable features of this cultivar’s traps is their dentition, which vaguely resembles the teeth of a monster or an alien. The “teeth” of the traps are often fused together at the base, creating a jagged and irregular appearance.

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  • Drosera rotundifoliaDrosera rotundifolia

    Drosera rotundifolia

    7.00 *

    Drosera rotundifolia is easy to grow; it has green leaves, the trap is green but if it is exposed to full sun it turns slightly red.

  • Pinguicula laueana crimson flowerLaueana crimson flower

    Pinguicula laueana (Crimson Flower)

    12.00 *

    Pinguicula laueana (Crimson Flower): Tropical carnivorous plant, dark green leaves, stunning red flowers. Great for beginners.

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  • AgriperliteAgriperlite


    2.757.70 *

    Agriperlite increases soil aeration for carnivorous plants. Mixed with sphagnum peat, it is an inert, expands 20 times and is microbiologically safe.

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  • Dionaea muscipula AR WerewolfDionaea muscipula AR Werewolf

    Dionaea muscipula “AR Werewolf”

    18.00 *

    “Dionaea AR Werewolf”: upright clone with dark red color, narrow petiole, and stubby-toothed traps. Wavy and irregular. Striking yellow-orange leaf edge.

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