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  • Pinguicula immaculataPinguicula immaculata

    Pinguicula immaculata

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    Pinguicula immaculata is one of the smaller Mexican pinguicula species that can be very showy under strong light, with its green center and red leaf edges.

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  • Pinguicula heterophyllaPinguicula heterophylla

    Pinguicula heterophylla

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    Pinguicula heterophylla has erect, narrow, carnivorous leaves of considerable length, while its flowers are colored white-violet.

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  • Pinguicula parvifoliaPinguicula parvifolia

    Pinguicula parvifolia

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    Pinguicula parvifolia: Tropical carnivorous plant from Central America. Oval, green-bronze leaves. Delicate pink-white flowers.

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