Lab & Research Projects

Credit for images: Kilian Agath

Diflora, tissue culture lab

Our laboratory is dedicated to preserving the genetic heritage of rare and endangered plants without disrupting their natural habitats, as certified by CITES. Our efforts also include scientific research and experimentation through genetic analyses to uncover the mysteries of these exceptional plants.

In particular, we have achieved notable success in propagating carnivorous plants through in-vitro techniques using rhizomes, flower stems, and seeds. Our team is constantly seeking collaborations to expand our tissue culture collection of carnivorous plants and develop innovative protocols for in-vitro propagation of new genera from various plant parts.

Our distinct advantage is that by producing plants in-vitro, we have a diverse and abundant collection of rare and unusual species. This enables us to serve both the retail and wholesale markets worldwide with the highest quality products.


Diflora Micropropagation labortory

dionaea invitro lab

Diflora Research Projects

Our laboratory has embarked on an exciting genetic project in 2022, concentrating on Dionaea muscipula, to discover exclusive molecular markers and establish a genetic pedigree for the Venus Flytrap. Check out our shop to explore the plants of the project, which includes new Dionaea muscipula varieties like ‘Burning Carbons,’ ‘Flame,’ ‘Wine Mouth,’ and others!

We are constantly advancing our research by devising new protocols for propagating plants in vitro from various tissues such as rhizomes, floral scapes, and leaves. In addition to that, we are committed to expanding our efforts by propagating new genera of carnivorous plants and other rare species. Our Dionaea muscipula genetic project is just one example of our continued commitment to pioneering scientific research in the field of plant genetics.